April 29th, 2017 Chief Janice George and her husband Buddy came to lelem’ at the Fort to present a wool weaving workshop. The couple is from Squamish First Nation, and were taught 14 years ago by a Susan Pavel from Skokomish.

Over the years of teaching they have taught over 2400 students. For these two there is no better way to continue tradition and leave a legacy then through these beautiful weavings.

The weaving workshop started with the participants coming in, sitting down at a loom and Buddy showing them how to start, while Janice set up the next loom for another student. Chief Janice George introduced herself to the class, and told the history behind where they learned weaving, and why they do what they do. Buddy introduced himself and they both talked about how much they love teaching, and sharing their gift with the students who want to learn.

They were a humble couple and they made everybody feel welcome. The weaving was calming and I know there were people there who needed to do something relaxing after a hectic week.

Thank you, Chief Janice George and Buddy, for sharing your wonderful gift.